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Your Dog Crate Buying Guide

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-07
First you will want to consider how large your puppy will get. It is better to buy a dog crate to fit your full size puppy rather than buying multiple dog crates as your puppy gets bigger. However if your puppy is small and your crate is larger it is a good idea to limit the space inside the crate or your puppy, otherwise he might use one side for going to the bathroom and the other side for his cozy den area. You can buy a dog cage that comes with a divider which can be used to separate the cage and make it smaller. If you don't have a divider a piece of wood can be placed in the crate or you can also use some mesh screen. Then you can simply move the wood or screen as your puppy grows. This works much better than purchasing several dog crates which can amount to a lot of money. When your dog is big enough you can completely remove the divider and give your dog full use of his dog cage. You will definitely want to consider the length of your dog when buying a dog crate. The best size is about the length of your dog when it is lying down stretched out with paws extended. Most dog crates come in a standard size width which will allow smaller dog to completely stretch out but would require larger dogs to be in a curled up position when sleeping. Your dog should be able to stand up all the way in the dog cage without the top of the cage touching down their head. Very large dogs will most likely outgrow their dog crate before they are completely grown. You can purchase some dog crates on the internet and at pet stores that are made big enough for large breed dogs. Be sure to familiarize your dog with the crate when you bring it home. Make sure it is the right size for your pet with comfortable bedding inside. It may take a bit of training to get your dog to go in the dog cage at first but he will soon learn it is his own comfy den. Dog crates should not be used to keep your pet locked up for long periods of time. Be sure and let him in and out of the dog crate frequently and he will learn to go in and out on his own.
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