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Wooden Dog Crate Sales Explode in 2011

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-14
The popularity of the wooden dog crate has soared in the past 2 years. Both dog owners and dogs have been won over by the functionality and beauty of this decorative addition to the pet product and furniture industry. As sales steadily increased, more and more manufacturers started producing and developing models with more and more options. From just one manufacturer 5 years ago to over a dozen today, the choices and options available to current pet owners is better than ever. A major concern for many dog owners has always been how to safely confine their beloved pet when they leave their home. As much as dog owners love their dogs, many just don't want to give their dog the run of the house while they are away. Wire dog crates, while functional and effective, are generally unattractive and can clash with your homes decor. A Wooden dog crate is the perfect solution to address this concern because it looks like furniture while keeping the dog safe and confined. In addition to confining a dog, a wooden dog crate also serves another very important purpose. Many dog breeds have a strong Den instinct and seek out an enclosed space where they can lay down and escape the hustle and bustle of a busy home. Many pet owners have discovered that a wood dog crate serves this need perfectly. By simply leaving the crate door open, their dog has a private and comfortable space where they can find refuge when they need it. As more pet owners have discovered the practicality and beauty of wooden dog crates in recent years, manufacturers have responded by providing more options and designs to meet specific needs. Many manufacturers offer premium crates made from a variety of solid woods such as Oak, Mahogany and Maple models. Many of the big (chain) pet stores have entered the market with budget models (imported from China) and made with particle board panels. Other manufacturers offer custom sizes and stain colors to match a particular decor. Still other manufacturers offer a selection of hardware from solid brass to antique mission style latches for an even more customized look for your pet furniture. Most wooden dog crate models are available in at least 2 sizes that will be appropriate for the majority of dog breeds; however, some of the larger breeds (over 75 pounds) may be too big for the sizes currently available. In addition to sizing considerations, it is also a good idea to make sure your dog is kennel trained before investing in a wooden dog crate. Dogs can be very destructive when they get anxious. As a precaution to help avert damage to your wood pet crate, you can install plexi-glass inserts onto the interior panels. Most local hardware stores can cut the panels to your dimensions. Make sure the plexi-glass only goes up about half way to ensure your dog has adequate ventilation. As sales of the wooden dog crate have increased, pet owners and their pets have benefited from increased options and design improvements. From providing a safe haven for your pet to keeping your dog from roaming the house while you are away, wooden crates for dogs are becoming increasingly popular among dog lovers that want the best for their beloved pets. If you are considering buying one for your home, it is highly recommended that you compare models offered by several manufacturers to make sure you get the right size for your pet and the right color and options to meet your needs. (Wood Dog Crate model listing)
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