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Without The Use Of Dog Crates, Driving Is A Potential

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-13
How many times have you been driving and noticed a big furry passenger in the front seat of a vehicle. Yes, we're not talking about some guy who hasn't shaved for a year - but we are talking about a practice that most people have a habit of indulging in. Travelling with an unrestrained dog in your vehicle is not only dangerous for you and your dog but it is potentially hazardous to bystanders in the event of an accident. Aside from the possibility of being distracted by your dog and having a collision, you could simply have an accident that is no fault of your own. Basic physics will tell us that a head on collision at 55 miles an hour will have bodies in the car continuing to travel at 55 miles an hour even though the car is stopped instantly. That means a 40 lb dog could either smash into you or a passenger in the car or go through the windscreen and take out a pedestrian. 40 lb x 55 mph = serious injury or death. The point is that if you use a seatbelt and your passengers do, why doesn't your dog? There are plenty of dog seatbelts on the market in the form of a pet harness. Having your dog restrained safely in the back seat in a harness is a lifesaving idea. On longer trips, consider a dog crate that can comfortably accommodate your pet in the back. Get a Dog Crate or Cage And Be Secure Going to the vet just down the road or taking a long trip should entail the use of either a pet harness or a dog crate/cage. Dog crates come in all shapes and sizes and some are collapsible so they are easy to transport. You can leave the crate folded in your vehicle's cargo area-most collapsible crates are durable and sturdy enough to place the weekly groceries or any sports equipment on top of. These car crates have wheels and a handle so travelling around is a cinch. If you drive an SUV or station wagon then you certainly should consider this type of crate. Another positive aspect is that your mobile crate is good enough to be a home crate when not in use. Whatever you decide to get, be it a pet harness or dog crate, it is well worth remembering that the term 'buckle up' does not just apply to you or the kids but also to your four-legged best friend.
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