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Wish Nantong Yuanyang Pet Cage Manufacturer a successful May 2019 Happy Conference!

Wish Nantong Yuanyang Pet Cage Manufacturer a successful May 2019 Happy Conference!


Yang auditorium is really lively, workers and friends laugh together, to ask what this is for, happy assembly to. At 13:00 on May 8th, 2019, the happy meeting of nantong yuan Yang pet cage manufacturer was officially kicked off in yuan Yang staff activity center. The theme of this conference is "cherish life, safety first". Today, young families gather together to spend this wonderful time together! The following far Yang jun brings the spot exclusive report for you!


"Cherish life, safety first" is easy to write, but difficult to do. There is only one life, and life is the greatest treasure in the world. Since born as a human, who is not willing to smile? Who wouldn't be happy? Security is like a colorful silk thread to connect us with a good wish, constitute a stable, peaceful, colorful world.


Happy you most looking forward to in the performance of programs, each team closely, show the site of some of the wonderful show, for the majority of employees gave a audio-visual feast, the venue in burst of applause, let the staff in the intense work obtained the very good release and entertainment, also show vigor and vitality, one of the laughter and the wonderful voice of yunnan in the hall!


This program can be seen that all the teams have been carefully planned and arranged, small make up here to thank the young people's careful preparation and pay, you are the best! Family members can not only work, but also versatile, let us in midsummer may full of work in the drive, together with refuel efforts, complete the shipment plan in May!


Safety is efficiency. The benefit of enterprises comes from safety, and the survival of enterprises cannot be separated from safety. Safety section liu zhenwen section chief to bring you nantong yuanyang May 2019 safety education training.


As the weather gets warmer, attention should be paid to the safety of electricity and the placement of various supplies. Director liu for everyone to workshop safety electricity specification knowledge lecture, I hope that the majority of employees do not forget to tighten the safety production string, let us the majority of young people happy to work together, safely go home!


After monthly and the happy meeting on performance of PK, meeting the production safety, health, WeChat awards, team briefings award, outstanding performance, the workshop office system on best rankings, such as lucky draw prizes monthly system, has carried on the award ceremony, congratulations to the excellent award the staff, hope everyone in May strive hard, strive for success!


At the end of the conference, Mr. Li made a summary speech, which fully affirmed the performance of the conference and the hard work of all the staff, and highly praised the excellent program.


At the same time, I expressed my views on the theme of this happy conference: national security is cathay Pacific, and the safety of the people is civil security. With safety, we can sit in the classroom to study quietly; With safety, our parents can focus on work; With security, our family will be happy and safe; With security, our country will be strong and prosperous.


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