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Wire Dog Crates Versus Plastic and Canvas Crates

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-28
There are three main different types of dog crates: wire crates, plastic crates, and canvas or soft-sided crates. Each of these has pros and cons, and many dog owners have at least two different kinds. Trainers agree that a pet crate provides significant benefits for every dog. The primary benefit of the plastic dog crates is that they can be used for air travel. For most pet owners, this isn't really an issue. However, if the time should arise, you wouldn't have to buy a new crate just for the purpose. Plastic is also lighter weight. Canvas dog crates are typically used for car trips and for confinement at shows or dog sports events, and other situations where the pet can be supervised. They aren't really sturdy or secure enough to restrain a dog who has been left alone. They are lightweight and can be easily folded for transport or storage. Both canvas and plastic crates are susceptible to chewing by dedicated canines. They may do this as a way to escape from the dog crate or just out of boredom. There's often no way to know if your own dog is likely to indulge in this behaviour. The wire crate is a very popular choice. Like a soft-sided crate, it folds easily for storage or transport, but it's much more secure and sturdier. Wire dog crates may look less obtrusive in the home than bulky plastic, and can be disguised with a draped blanket or a side table. Most dogs take easily to their crates. They like the cosy, den-like feel. Even those who have never been crated before will generally settle down and take a nap shortly after being confined to the dog crate. Some dogs will make more of a fuss. The best way to get beyond that is to ignore it, so the dog comes to understand that the behaviour doesn't have the desired result (getting out of the dog crate). It's not always so easy to do this, though. Do your best to not reward the bad behaviour, and take some time to help your dog get used to the wire crate. Feeding a dog in the pet crate is a great way to get him or her to start to enjoy spending time in there. This creates a dog who eagerly rushes to the crate, anticipating the food reward that he or she will receive. You can also use treats, or set aside a portion of your dog's daily food, to place into the crate when you leave for the day. Whether you choose a plastic, canvas, or wire dog crate, you'll find that it's very helpful. It gives you a place where your dog can feel safe when you aren't home, and eliminate destructive behaviour that can occur when a dog is home alone. It can also be used to keep the dog out from underfoot at dinner parties or when work is being done on the house.
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