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Wire Dog Crates for Small Pets

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-20
Dog crates are a necessity for every pet-owning household. Wire crates are the most versatile, because they can be folded for easy transport or to be stored out of the way. They're also more attractive than plastic crates, and can be covered to complement the room's d?锟絚or. A wire dog crate gives your pet a place to go to get some privacy. It enables you to have a secure place to confine him when you are out of the house, or when you have guests over. It can also be used in the car to keep you and the dog safe during travel. Because a wire dog crate folds up easily, you can keep one in the car all the time, folded and out of the way when you aren't using it. When choosing a wire pet crate for your small dog, select a size which enables him to just have enough room to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It is the cosy, den-like feel of a dog crate that comforts them. Some dogs may, if the crate is very large, decide that they can eliminate at one end and sleep in the other, which of course you want to avoid. For a small dog, such as a Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, French Bulldog, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Miniature Pinscher, or Miniature Schnauzer - any dog weighing roughly 12 to 18 kg - a 24 inch (61 cm) or 30 inch (76 cm) wire crate is a good size. Dogs of any age can be trained to use a wire pet crate. It's very useful in helping to housetrain a puppy, as well as being a safe place to keep him out of trouble when you can't watch him. But even if you have an older dog, don't discount the convenience of a dog crate. Most dogs take naturally to a pet crate. Feeding your dog his regular meals in the crate is a great way to create a positive association in your dog's mind. You can add a blanket or towel, or a crate pad, for comfort. Some dogs, however, will chew these items, even if they aren't normally chewers. In that case, for safety, you'll want to leave them out. If your dog has a tendency to get into things when you can't watch him, a pet crate can give you peace of mind. Even a well-behaved dog benefits from a dog crate. He'll just settle in for some quiet time. To keep your dog occupied while he is in his wire crate, you can provide an interactive food toy. These toys have one or more holes into which you place treats that the dog needs to work to get out. There are many different ways to use these toys. If you use one, be sure to count the calories against your dog's daily total so he doesn't end up getting fat. Wire dog crates are a good choice for small dogs. The ability to fold it up for storage or to transport makes it flexible and more convenient than a solid plastic crate. They're also chew proof and very sturdy.
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