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Wire Dog Crates for Medium Sized Pets

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-21
A wire dog crate is a useful piece of equipment. Dogs liked the enclosed, den-like feel that a crate provides. It lets them completely relax, and they won't be worried about what is going on around the home. For dogs who show any kind of problem behaviour such as destruction or barking when left home alone can be managed using a pet crate. The development of such behaviours can be prevented by using a crate, too. You can begin crate training as soon as your puppy comes home. Any time that you can't watch her, she can be confined to the crate, as long as it isn't for more than 8 hours at a time. A dog crate is a great aid to housetraining, because dogs instinctively won't soil their sleeping area. Take your puppy outside to do her business, and then put her in the crate for a little bit. Adult dogs can be acclimated to a pet crate as well. Most dogs take to it quite naturally and are content to rest. For those who are resistant to settling down, feeding them their regular meals in the dog crate soon makes it a happy place for them. If your dog complains when put into the wire pet crate, you should resist the urge to give in and let her out right away. This will teach your dog that making noise is a successful strategy for getting you to open the door. Instead, wait until she is quiet and calm, and then open the door, telling her she's a good dog. That will reinforce the behaviour that you do want. The correct size wire crate is one in which your dog can just stand up, turn around, and lie down. For medium sized dogs like Australian Shepherds, Bearded Collies, Border Collies, Boxers, Chow Chows, Rough or Smooth Coated Collies, Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, Pointers, Spaniels, Staffordshire Terriers, and Siberian Huskies, a 36 inch (91 cm) or 42 inch (107 cm) wire dog crate is a good fit. For puppies, purchase a crate which will be the right size when she is full-grown, and block off a portion using a panel designed for the purpose. Don't use anything that she might chew or which could hurt her. With this technique, you can continue to adjust the area as your puppy grows. In addition to use in the home, wire dog crates can be used in the car for the safety of dog and driver. If you are involved in showing or dog sports, wire crates are much easier to carry around than bulky plastic dog crates are. Wire crates are chew-proof, too. Wire dog crates make owning a pet much easier. Wire crates fold up easily, so you can store them out of the way or transport them easily. They are more attractive than plastic crates, and can be decorated with cloth covers, or draped with a blanket or towel, to fit in with your home's d?锟絚or.
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