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Why You Need a Dog Crate For Training Your Dog

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-29
Crate training your dog is a demanding step by step process that can take as little as a few days or as long as several months. The crate training process can be a very trying process at first but if you persevere the benefits in the long run will far outweigh the costs. You will enjoy having an unchewed sofa, unsoiled carpet and more importantly, your beloved little dog will thank you for providing them with an environment in which they feel comfortable safe and secure. So why do I need a crate for my dog? To understand why you should crate train your dog, you must first understand just what a dog crate represents to your puppy. Dogs are very primitive creatures by their nature, in times gone by dogs used to sleep together in their packs (families) in small, cozy safe dens. The purpose of 'denning' was to provide the family with warmth, protection from the elements and protection from the many natural predators dogs used to face. These dens are only just big enough for the pack to sleep in and turn around in. Today dogs still have ties to their ancestral living conditions and it is not uncommon for a dog to feel most comfortable when they are residing in a small, dark and cozy place. This is normal behavior for a dog. Have you ever seen a dog in a thunderstorm hide underneath your bed or in your closet? This is natural behavior for a dog as they seek out the safest and most comfortable place they can find...a den. There are three main benefits and countless advantages to training your dog to use a dog crate: 1. It is an extremely efficient way of house breaking your dog. By teaching your dog to use a crate you can satisfy its natural urges to den and as such they are a great house training tool. Dog's as a natural instinct will try to avoid making a mess of the area in which they den and if given sufficient opportunity they will go to the toilet elsewhere (outside preferably). 2. Dog crates can help reduce separation anxiety while you are away from your dog. If you teach your dog that a crate is his home within your home and it can be a safe resting haven, then the crate will allow your dog to become accustomed to being separated from you. As such when you leave the house and your dog we will not be as worried about when you are coming home, this is because he will feel safe, comfortable and secure in his own crate. 3. Dog crates are a fantastic travel aid. Once your pet is accustomed to its crate enclosure you will be able to bring your family friend along with you on your family holidays. Whether traveling by road, rail or air you will be able to rest assured that your dog is comfortable, safe and stress free riding in their very own den.
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