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Using Elegant Wicker Dog Crates

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-10
Wicker dog crates are becoming one of the most popular styles of dog cages. Our Rattan Dog cages are made of resin rattan for your dogs safety and easy cleaning. You'll find that a wicker crate is much more attractive than standard wire crates. If you are looking for a stylish dog cage for your home consider a Rattan Dog Crate. With the elegant look of rattan and the durability and practicality of long-lasting resin a wicker dog cage features a rugged plastic pan that is removable for cleaning, a wire door with a spring-loaded door latch. These crates are available in Dark Brown & Natural two great colors for any home. Metal dog crates can be a bit tacky for living room decor. A rattan crate has a durable weave that won't absorb fluids or odors. Rattan crates can easily be cleaned with soap and water for quick clean ups. Wicker crates have a window opening on both sides and back for proper ventilation. The dog cage doors also open inward to be out of the way unlike a lot of metal dog crates. The dog crates also come with an elevated base & foot protected floor. Their beautiful natural look will compliment any home decor. Treat your pet to something classy instead of a metal dog crate. These wicker crates come in several sizes so whether your dog is small, large or somewhere in between you'll be able to get a nice crate for your pet. And your pet will love how comfortable they are!
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