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Training Your Puppy - Why a Dog Crate Should Be

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-29
Purchasing and using a dog crate can be one of the most beneficial things you ever do for you and your puppy. When you compare the cost of purchasing a crate to the costs that can arise to replace furniture, carpets, toys, and other personal items that can be destroyed by a bored and unsupervised dog, the expense of a crate can be very very economical. Why are Dog Crates so Effective for Dog Training? A dog crate has been proven time and time again by professional dog trainers to be the most effective house training tool available to your pet. Once it has been introduced to you puppy and he becomes acclimatized to it, virtually all undesirable behaviors including house soiling, destructive chewing, digging, barking unnecessarily and nocturnal howling can be trained out of your pets system. Crate training is also an ideal method of alleviating the stress and hardship that separation anxiety can bare on your dog. When you use a crate to help house train your puppy you are making it remarkably easier on yourself to moderate your dog's negative behaviors. As a result the need to discipline your puppy is reduced and you are able to build a much stronger positive relationship with your dog that is built on trust and mutual respect. Another benefit of acclimatizing your puppy to a crate is the fact that crate-trained dogs are much more comfortable traveling than an un-crated dog. When your puppy has a crate to reside within during your trips away from home he will feel much safer and more secure due to being able to rest in his own 'den'. In much the same way this technique can be used to alleviate the stress of visiting a veterinarian. When Should You Start Using a Crate? Ideally you should begin using a crate at the earliest possible time in your pet puppy's life! No matter how young or old your dog is they stand to benefit from being trained to use a dog crate. Most reputable pet breeders will begin crating their puppies before they are even sold on to a good home, this makes the transition to the new environment substantially easier for your new pet. The most important thing to remember when using a crate with your dog is to make sure that they feel as comfortable and secure within it as possible. NEVER abuse the crate, as this will make the dog feel as if it is being punished. When used correctly your pet will thank you with endless unconditional love for making him feel safe within your home.
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