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Training Tips for Using a Dog Crate

by:Yuanyang     2020-05-03
A crate uses a dog's natural den instinct to keep your dog safe and to make him feel secure and comfortable. It's also a good way to keep from cleaning up messes, while you're out running errands. You might find anywhere from urine to destroyed furniture to your kid's toys shred to pieces when you come home. This can be avoided with the right crate. The primary reason to use a crate is for house training. Dogs don't like to soil their dens. Crating also sets limits for your dog while he learns what is acceptable and what is not inside the house. Crates can also be a safe way to transport your pet. A crate is not a solution to all your training issues. You have to learn to use it correctly. Here are a few tips. Don't use your crate for punishment. Your dog will learn to fear it and he won't want to go into it. Don't keep your dog in the crate for too long. About 2-3 hours and if you're planning on being away longer, use a play pen. This way he is not confined and does not become frustrated or upset that he cannot move or stretch. A dog that's crated too long, day and night, does not get enough human contact and can become depressed and/or anxious. They come in different sizes and are made out of steel, wire and plastic covered steel. Some are collapsible and some are fabric covered. Sometimes at animal shelters you can rent a crate. This can come in handy when using it for a puppy that is still growing. This way you can trade it in and get a bigger size as your puppy grows until you purchase a permanent one when he reaches adult size. Make sure when you purchase a crate that you get one big enough so that your dog can stand up and turn around. Don't go too fast while crate training. You can introduce your dog to the crate and if he's scared or won't go into it, don't force him. Start by placing food further and further into the crate until your dog feels safe and goes into the crate on his own. Once he's used to going inside, start feeding him next to the crate, on the outside of it, until eventually you feed him where you would like to feed him. At first, place him in the crate while you're at home with him. Sit with him for a few minutes then leave the room. Eventually he'll feel safe and secure in his comfy little den and you can keep him in there for a few hours when needed. This process can take days or even weeks so don't get too frustrated. If these procedures just don't work, try starting over again or consulting a veterinarian or animal behaviorist. Good luck crate training!
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