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Tips on Matching Your Wooden Dog Crate to Existing

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-27
Thanks to innovations with new wooden dog crates, you no longer have to choose between looking at an ugly wire crate and keeping your pet in a separate room of your home. Today's designs leave plenty of opportunities to blend your dog's favorite indoor hangout with existing furniture. Read on for five great tips on how to match these essential pieces of pet furniture to existing furniture. 1.) Look at your furniture style. If you have mis-matched pieces in your room, only consider the ones you like the best and will be keeping for a while. There's no sense matching your pet furniture to a coffee table that you plan to replace in the next year. If you have a modern style, consider Amish wood dog crates with crisp, clean lines and beautiful finishes. If you have a more refined style, perhaps a designer dog crate would better suit your needs. 2.) Consider how much space you have. Today's pet crates can be designed for dual-purposes. The popular end table crate design is a great example of how wooden dog crates can also function as furniture. This space-saving technique is great for people who live in apartments or other small spaces. 3.) Finish the crate yourself. If you can't find any wooden dog crates in the color you need to match your furniture, consider finishing it yourself. You can find unfinished wooden pet crates online or in specialty wood stores that you can finish yourself with a color to match your furniture. Likewise, you can build your own designer dog crate and finish it however you like. 4.) Use textiles to your advantage. If you really want to match your crate to your furniture, using simple textiles for the craft cover and your pet's bedding is a great way to create a cohesive look. Choose a material in a coordinating color to your space and use it to cover the crate or as a crate mat for your pet crate. Then use some of the same material to create curtains, throw pillows or other accent pieces that will help tie the room together. Whether you're working with a designer dog crate, an end table crate or even Amish wood dog crates, adding textiles will add warmth and help match your indoor pet residence to your existing furniture. 5.) Hide the pet gear. When all else fails, you can always hide the crate, dog bedding or other pet accessories. Although a crate, whether wooden, plastic or wire, are large and may seem difficult to hide, with a little creativity, you can easily disguise your pets hide-out. For example, adding a large wooden top to a smaller pet crate transforms it into a coffee table. If you have several pets, try placing two or three of their crates together with a decorative board over the top and you make a great place to rest our television. Elevate your hound's crate or add a tall top to it and you have an end table dog crate. The choices are endless. Matching your dog crate to your existing furniture doesn't have to be difficult. With a little bit of time and some creativity, you can successfully blend your pet's indoor home into your life and home.
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