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The Use of Kennels and Cages in Training Dogs

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-04
Different kinds of dog kennels are used in varying circumstances; you should make sure when choosing one that it is the right one for your dog and your purpose. There are luxury kennels, designed for small dogs when they travel, that have every imaginable amenity included. There are kennels that are built extremely sturdily, to house large dogs and keep them secure. There is a staggering array of dog cage sizes, some large enough for several adult humans to stand in and also an impressive array of different uses for different cages. It should be easy to find a cage that exactly suits your purposes. When looking for a traveling cage, you will find several styles to choose from: kennels made of metal grid with a solid floor; a plastic den with a metal door or even a zipper-entranced, mesh-doored fabric 'bag'. The many uses for this kind of kennel range from keeping your pet secure and under control for trips or vacations, to transporting it between training events. And if you find yourself someplace where pets are not allowed to roam free, you can use it to carry your pet around. When used indoors, kennels are primarily used for training, whether it be house training, behavioral modification, or just 'damage control' when you leave the house and feel your furniture might be in peril if your canine friend were left to his own devices. One of the most useful uses of training kennels is to help your dog learn to regulate his bodily functions on a schedule, so that he does not need to go outside in the middle of the night or at other times inconvenient to you. A training cage makes a good 'time out' area when your pet makes a mistake and needs discipline. Your pet will quickly learn that if he does not want to go sit in the cage he will stop doing whatever he did that got him there. While it is not a substitute for your attention, sometimes a cage is a good way to keep your rambunctious pet under control during times when you are not home. There are also a number of setups for outdoors pet containment, including kennels with wooden floors with an attached doghouse for comfortable outside living and sleeping, or runs, which resemble kennels but are more sturdy and are set up on legs. Finally, walk-in cages are good for the temporary housing of several large dogs, and provide ease of access and cleaning.
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