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The 129th Autumn Canton Fair officially opened online

The 129th Autumn Canton Fair officially opened online


news-Yuanyang-imgThe 129th Autumn Canton Fair officially opened online on April 24, 2021. About 26,000 companies participated in the exhibition for 10 days. From the original face-to-face negotiation to the "screen-to-screen" live delivery of goods today, Chinese companies have ushered in a completely different Canton Fair. Nantong Yuanyang pet cage manufacturer and wholesaler have the honor to participate in it!

This year's Canton Fair uses innovative methods such as cloud technology to provide exhibitors with services such as information display, live broadcast, instant communication, appointment negotiation, trade matching, etc., to enhance online display through all-weather online promotion, supply and procurement docking, online negotiation and other functions Effect, improve the online foreign trade platform, and focus on promoting Chinese brand enterprises and products. It mainly includes three major sections: One is the online display platform. The second is the supply and procurement docking service. The third is the cross-border e-commerce area.

Workshops and conference rooms have become live broadcast rooms, and export managers and salesmen have become anchors. The Canton Fair has been held for more than 60 years and more than 100 sessions. This year, it has changed with the trend and moved to the "cloud" as a whole.


As a veteran exhibitor, Nantong Yuanyang has participated in many Canton Fairs. In this cloud-based Canton Fair, Yuanyang pet cages took advantage of the trend. All members were dispatched, and everyone was a carrier to conduct professional live broadcasts and product displays for Chinese and foreign merchants. A large number of visitors stopped, and the intention to place an order was established! 

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Mr. Yang Zhonggen, Chairman of Nantong Yuanyang Leisure Products Co., Ltd. said at the scene: We have conducted a lot of warm-up work and pre-broadcast training for this cloud live broadcast. We have also prepared links such as live broadcast and online customer service. I believe that the online form will also Break the boundaries of time and space. I hope I can get more orders in this Canton Fair, and serve the Chinese and foreign customers well in the cloud!

 At the same time, Mr. Yang said that all the Yuanyang live broadcast team comes from the export business team, and they have practical experience in overseas exhibitions. Through continuous replays, the anchors are very familiar with the product and the market.

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