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Summer Sun, Pool and Water Safety for Dogs

by:Yuanyang     2020-05-06
No matter what kind of dog that you have or whether or not they're water 'fans', pool safety is imperative. Prolonged eye exposure to the sun can damage their vision. Goggles are recommended. Dog sunscreen is also available. All noses and white areas should be covered with dog sunscreen, repeatedly. Only use dog sunscreen! I started out with (2) life jackets, so that our dogs could float in the pool, while we were in it. They were a little bulky for them to wear all day long, every day but we were concerned that they may go in the water or worse fall in unexpectedly, so we did some searching for safety options. Researching a number of pool alarms, we came up with the best one for our family. It's called the 'Turtle'. It is typically for children to wear on their wrist but we adapted it to go on a dog collar. Now we didn't have collars for the dog's we only had harnesses. Collars are a very small investment and this is all about safety. We leave them on 24/7. Well, it's necessary to take them off when we bathe the dogs and when they join us in the pool. We only have a couple of dogs that go in the water voluntarily. The turtles come in a multitude of colors. There are a number of other alarms that float in your pool. Provided your dog weighs over 15 pounds, you may want to check into them further. We now have (8) Papillons. Some like the water and some don't but that doesn't mean that accidents don't happen. My heaviest Papillon weighs 8 pounds and the lightest is 4 pounds, so unless they're running before they fall in they won't cause most of the floating pool alarms go off. If they slip in, looking over the side of the pool for frogs (Abby), these other alarms would not work for us. We have had at least one dog fall in the pool every year. Yes, sometimes the same dog has fallen in a couple of times. We cover the pool most winters but not all of them. That will determine whether you need the turtles on year-round. Another way to you can make it easier for your dog to get out of the pool is by getting a floating ramp or pup stairs. That gives them optional safe ways and perhaps an easier alternative. There are also floating boat stairs for boat owners, as well. If my 'water dogs' are going to be in the pool for an extended period of time, I have pool floats. They make floats that are made of more durable materials and resistant to being popped or torn by a dog's paws. Some of them look like typical human floats and some look like floating dog beds. If you have a small dog you may be able to use a typical float and put a towel on the bottom to prevent punctures. They make a number of dogs toys which are not only fun for pets but are also good for the competitive 'long jump' pool dog. My dog has a favorite ball that she'll dive for. She looks like a drowned rat, when she plays 'water ball' but whatever makes her happy. She entertains herself and whoever else is enjoying our pool. We have our 'lake lovers' that thoroughly enjoy jet skiing. We use life vests for these activities. We put them on the dogs, when we put our life jackets on, in the car, and don't take them off until we are all back in the car. They have an extremely strong Velcro fastener that goes around the dog's neck and a large Velcro band under their belly. There is a handy loop on the back of it that you can actually carry the pet around with, if it's as light weight as a Papillon. You can also use it to attach a leash to. There are multiple colors and patterns available. They have a variety of different features. My dog, in particularly, likes to go fast and getting splashed in the face does not slow her down. I may be gagging and sputtering, having swallowed half of the lake, but she just looks at me and stomps her paws if I don't recover quickly enough. If that doesn't work her antics will be followed by a small bark. Like you, your pets may want to enjoy the pool as well. Don't leave them out of the fun and the coolness it brings. Why not allow them to join in?
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