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Selecting the Right Dog Cage

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-05
Dog Crate Training like any training is best done at a young age, for dogs it should begin as soon as it's brought home. You are essentially giving your dog a den, a home, a sense of security. It allows you to contain your dog when you are away and aids with the potty training aspect of owning a puppy. For those of you who think that dog cages are cruel you are actually mistaken. Giving your dog a dog crate lets him feel safe when you are away. The dog cage lets your dog know that you are gone for now but will return later. It eases the stress of not knowing where their master is and helps them get through extended periods of isolation. If you do not crate train your dog and let them loose in your house you are not only adding stress to your dog but also to yourself. Nobody wants to come home to a house in shreds, by keeping your dog in a dog crate you can easily prevent this and help your dog at the same time. Once properly trained your dog will love his dog crate and will spend time there voluntarily. It is not uncommon to train your dog to run into it's dog cage with a simple voice command. Say 'Go to Place' or 'Go Home' when putting your dog into it's dog cage. After a while you will be able to say it and your dog will go running into it dog cage. To add to your dog's comfort try putting a crate pad or casual cratewear in your dog cage. It will prevent your dog from becoming tangled with the wire bars and crate sores. Some dogs also like to chew on the bars, this is caused by boredom or anxiety, by using casual cratewear you dog will be unable to access the wires not allowing it to chew. If you plan on leaving your dog in its dog crate for an extended period of time you may want to consider putting toys or dog bones in there for it to play with. This may not be necessary because when your dog is truly comfortable in his dog crate. it is not uncommon for them to bring in bones or toys themselves. When training a puppy or when locking your dog in its dog crate a dog bowl with water is also a good idea. Never fill the bowl up to the top though or you may come home to a wet dog cage. This is especially apparent with puppies. So now that you know Dog Crates = Good Idea where do you start when picking one out? 1. Style: Dog Cages are offered in soft plastic, hard plastic and wire. Soft plastic dog cages are good small dogs and are easily stored and carried. Hard plastic dog cages are good for airline travel, make sure they are airline approved before buying though. Finally Wire Dog Cages offer a permanent stationary home for any size dog, they easily fit into a discreet part of your home and are easily collapsible for storage. 2. Size: When trying to determine what size dog crate to get your dog figure out how big your dog will be when it is full grown (if it isn't already). Make sure that your dog can sit up and lay down with just a little extra room. If buying a dog crate for a puppy you will want to buy one for it's full size and then use a divider panel to adjust the size as your dog matures. If the dog crate is too big then your dog may be intimidated and not like the home, too small and your dog won't be comfortable. 3. Where to Buy: To find the most competitive prices and largest selection the internet is always the right way to go. Not only will it save you a trip to your nearest pet store but it will also save you from lugging a large heavy box around. If you would like to see our selection of Dog Crates Click Here, we offer dog crates for any size dogs most including a divider panel for puppies. If you do have a puppy then you might want to consider our Puppy Starter Kit, it comprises of a dog crate along with everything else you need to get started with your new puppy including a dog leash, dog bowl, dog leash, crate pad, dog collar, toys and so much more. We also offer Casual Cratewear and Crate Pads in all different sizes to help your dog adjust to its new home as soon as possible.
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