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Reasons For Using Dog Crates Effectively

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-11
Dog owners using dog crates is getting more and more popular. It seems like gradually more dog owners are getting dog cages for their dogs. With so many using these crates they are very convenient to own. It is not unkind to use crates for your lovable pet. There are many different types of dog crates to use for your pet depending on what you may need it for. It may be to secure your dog at night or traveling or something else. All pet cages are the dog's den of this modern age. Dogs feel safe and secure in their own sort of doggy den. They think of it as their safe haven to retreat to when they need to. The majority of dog crates are fine for sleeping. It isn't good for keeping the dog in all day just because you want it confined. It isn't fine for use discipline tool, but it is alright if used properly for dog discipline. If you use one dog crates sparingly for discipline. Use dog cages to place your dog in it only when it's clear to him why he's been placed inside. That way it's clear to him the punishment is administered immediately when you catch the dog in the act of misbehaving and he can associate the punishment with his misbehavior. If he did something bad an hour ago don't use a dog crate to lock him up, he won't understand why. Remember think about what you want to use the dog cage for, then shop for the perfect one, consider size and shape when choosing your crate. Always be sure to get a larger one with a divider in the dog crate for puppies as they grow it can be adjusted.
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