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Nantong Yuanyang Pet Cage Factory Attended the 125th Canton Fair

Nantong Yuanyang Pet Cage Factory Attended the 125th Canton Fair


April 23, 2019, the 125th Canton fair, the second phase of the official opening, nantong yuan Yang pet cage manufacturers have participated in a number of sessions, this time with a number of boutique cage, service the vast number of domestic and foreign merchants!


In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the international market, exhibitors bring forth new ideas, actively develop new products, build their own brands, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.


As a trade platform for high-quality development, the achievements of Canton fair are not only reflected in the growth of Numbers, but also in the development track of growth, growth and transformation of every foreign trade enterprise that grows together with Canton fair.


Nantong pet cage, one of the deepening international pet supplies market for many years, in technology, design and production of accumulated experience, there is plenty of precipitation, has been designed and developed as one of the core competitiveness, and constantly increase the intensity of r&d investment and market research, cling to love dandle people focus on demand pet livable life, love nature, basket with new, have many high level appearance at the fair, humanization of pet cages, attracting many domestic and foreign businessmen to stop.


Merchants with our sales elite for a detailed conversation, have left contact information, group photo, established a preliminary order intention! We look forward to more friends and support!


Through this session of Canton fair, we can see that nantong's pioneering innovation and transformation and upgrading are unmatchable. Canton fair is still the best trading platform of our company, and also an important information exchange window to understand market trends and customer needs.


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