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Large Dog Cages For Your Animal Friend

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-05
People who have large dogs such as pitbulls, golden retrievers and Great Danes will find that large dog cages offer many benefits. This is the time to consider buying a cage for your new friend and pet. Young dogs want a place where they can feel safe from danger. If you need to travel with your dog you should teach him at an early age to be comfortable with a cage. A cage is a must for travel by airplane or other means of public transportation. Your puppy is more secure if you travel by car. No one wants to suffer the anxiety of having an animal escape and possibly get hurt. Be sure to use a seat belt for your dog's cage while traveling by car. Puppies can be house broken by using your new cage. His behavior can be controlled more easily if he is kept in a cage initially. When kept in a small area your puppy is not likely to soil his on cage. It will be important to allow your dog to go outside frequently in the beginning so that good habits are established. When correcting or disciplining your dog never simply put him in his and ignore him. This will send the wrong message as to the purpose of the cage. He could actually become afraid of his cage. A fear of his cage could make it very difficult to use the cage for transporting him. You must work with your new puppy and give him time to get used to the cage. Make the cage pleasant by placing something soft inside to lie down on. The first step is place some food at the entrance to cage. He will eat his meal and get accustomed to being at the entrance. Its alright if he takes the food and moves away from the cage at first. Don't scold him. Move the food back into the cage a little more the next time. As he progresses continue until you have move the food all the way back. As he nears the back of the cage close the door for a little while to get him accustomed to this. Continue by closing the door for longer and longer periods. This slow increase in the time of enclosure will hardly be noticeable to him. Large dog cages can be found at places like Wal-Mart,Target, and Petsmart. Checking the internet can turn up some bargains on cages as well. Construction of cages varies. Some extra large dog cages are made of metal. This wire construction allows for the best ventilation. Keeping this type of cage sanitary becomes an easy matter. Plastic is also another common construction material. Plastic offers more protection from the elements while traveling.
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