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How to Select a New Dog Or Puppy

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-08
Choosing the right dog or puppy is a crucial aspect to avoiding future problems with your new dog. Temperament issues are most common with new dog owners after selecting the wrong dog for their life style. Choosing a breed that is high activity or doesn't care for being in a dog cage or dog crate can prove problematic for owners who are gone at work all day. Finding a reputable breeder, choosing the right size dog and making sure it is the right breed are all aspect to finding the right dog for you and should not be over looked in the dog selection process. The first thing that should be done when looking for a new dog is to find a reputable breeder. Not only do they breed dogs with favorable physical and temperamental traits but also they know when to separate puppies from their mother. Generally puppies should be taken when they are between 6-12 weeks old, any earlier, even if the dog is weaned, can potentially cause physiological disorders and other problems. Some breeders choose to hold their puppies longer to see which ones they want to keep for themselves. This isn't always best for the dog because it may be isolated in a dog cage or dog crate during the stage in it's life when socializing is very important. Paranoia and lasting physiological damage can result from keeping puppies for too long. Though breeders can be very helpful in providing you with the right dog, they do not know what is truly best for you. Selecting a dog of the right size and temperament can potentially make or break the relationship with you and your dog. A high strung dog like a Boxer or Dalmatian may not be the best choice for a household who wants a small lap dog who stays in a dog cage or dog crate during the day. Different breeds of dogs act very similar to one another in terms of temperament, look into the breeds your are considering and see if they fit your lifestyle. When estimating the size a new puppy will be and if it will work for you, you must look at the dog's parents. Typically dogs are the size of their mother, or with mixed breeds, slightly smaller then the larger breed. All of this information can be provided by your breeder. Another thing to consider when choosing a dog is the amount of time you are going to be able to play and run the dog, choose a dog who will have the temperament to play around the same amount of time. Finding a breeder is not the only way to find a dog, many people prefer adopting an older dog from a kennel. There are different guidelines when adopting an older dog. Since the dog is already mature you can see the temperament it has and how it reacts with new environments and people. Also find out all you can about the dog before you adopt it such as its diet, activity level, aggression and medical history. Find out everything you can, it better to ask and not need the information then potentially run into a problem with your new dog and know nothing about it. When you do bring an older dog home, training can begin immediately. One way for a dog to quickly become used to its new home is if you bring a toy from its old home with it. This will make the dog feel more comfortable and ease it into its new living conditions. For those who adopt guard dogs, a 2 week period of time must elapse before the dog considers its new home its territory and protects it. Choosing the right breeder, the right size and the right temperament will allow you to have a great future with your new dog. It will allow for the best possible living conditions for both you and your dog and provide you with a new loving member of the family.
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