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How To Make a Pet Crate a Home

by:Yuanyang     2020-05-04
Consider the crate a dog's own bedroom within the home. As with any room, the crate should be comfortable and enjoyable especially if the dog spends hours in there at a time. Otherwise, expect much whining and complaining in the form of barking, howling, and scratching. The best way to keep a pup pleasant in his cage is to provide bedding, durable toys, and access to water and food. Dogs enjoy having a soft place to sleep rather than just the cold metal floor in their crates. Many owners elect to put an old towel in the crate since it will not be missed if chewed or soiled upon, which is very likely. However, if the dog is young or is not 'potty' trained, a towel is not feasible. It would only soak up urine as the dog lays on it. Pet owners with the problem pups, may use yoga mats for bedding. Yoga mats are comfortable, easy to clean, and do not absorb puppy pee. Not to mention, dogs are also less likely to chew on the mats as most are deterred by the rubber taste and smell. So now the dog is comfortable but he needs to be occupied with durable chew toys. Kong toys filled with peanut butter or tube cheese made specifically for the toy are a great option. Kong toys are virtually indestructible and, when filled with a nice treat, can occupy a dog for hours on end. Another toy that should be placed in the crate is a good bone. The compact fibers of a nylabone resist breaking resulting in hours of enjoyment by the dog. With both of these toys, any dog is sure to be too preoccupied to notice the length of time its owner has been away. The final items to include in the crate are pet water and food dispensers. Be advised that the inclusion of these items should follow careful thought and consideration of the dog's ability to 'hold' it. Do not place a full pet food and water dispenser in the crate if the pet is not housebroken. It would also be unwise to place the same full dispensers in the crate if Fido must remain in there all day. Even for a mature housebroken dog, it's cruel to be stranded with a full bladder. If the dog will be in the crate for hours, it's a good idea to make food and water available. But instead of completely filling the dispensers, fill them only a half way or perhaps a quarter of the way. In the end it depends on the owner's and Fido's schedules. Remember, the dog's crate is his own personal space. It should be comfortable and enjoyable for him so it is perceived as a reward when he enters it. Soft bedding, durable toys, and access to food and water should be provided. However, the types and amounts of these items depend on the dog's training. Once the pup has the items appropriate for his specific needs, rest assured he will be comfortable and content in his private room.
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