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How To Crate Train A Puppy

by:Yuanyang     2020-05-02
Crate training is classed as one of the most popular methods in house training today's dogs. It has certainly made the task so much simpler. With restricted room (Like small apartments or homes) and leaving your puppy unattended for even a short while crate (cage) training has a tremendous amount to offer. If you are one of the traditional experienced dog owners and think crate training is only for the amateur dog owner then think again. Crate or cage training has come to be a valuable house breaking tool that is beneficial for training both young puppies and adult dogs alike. The method is not only for younger dogs but dogs of all ages. In fact a dog crate can be used for many other purposes that will make your life and that of your dogs less stressful. If used sensibly the crate acts like a safe and secure place that he can disappear into at any anytime of the day. The mere fact of having a place where he is safe and secure while you are away from home is a tremendous benefit to your peace of mind. How To Acclimatize Your Dog By Using a Crate or Cage. Once assembled open the door of the crate and encourage him over to see what is inside. Let your dog explore inside by placing treats and his favorite toys so he can see them through the sides of the cage. If he is reluctant at first be patient and let him explore and find his own way into the crate. No two dogs react the same way, so please be patient. With all dog training let your dog learn at its own pace. Whatever you do, do not close the crate door, while he is inside. If he wants to come out let him and do not make a fuss or he will think that you want him to be outside instead of inside where he belongs. Its all about thinking like a dog. One golden rule is never force your dog inside the crate, or he will think that he is being punished. So if required, place more of his favorite food inside. With the door closed for the first time he may whine or bark and try to get out. If he does so, wait until he stops, then slowly open the door to let him out. Whatever you are feeling do not let him out while he is still whining or barking. You are the pack leader so you make the decision to let him out when he has calmed down, otherwise he will think you are doing his bidding. Keep letting him back in for a shorter amount of time until it becomes second nature to him. Once your dog is comfortable walking in and out of the cage, start adding the word cage or some other word you think is more appropriate to his commands. Then gradually repeat the process until he understands what you want. Each time gradually keep him in for longer periods. Initially for the first few days of using cage training, it is best to increase the time your dog spends in the cage by short increases, but never for too long. Crates come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right size is important for the welfare of your dog. A puppy will continue growing at different rates depending on the breed of dog and its age. Spending time getting the right cage for your puppy is worth all the effort. Remember a cage is a safe place to keep your dog when you need to leave the house. There are many benefits to using a cage: Keeping your dog safe while attending to an unexpected emergency. Taking away some of the dogs nervous energy and channeling it into a more productive outcome by giving your dog a more secure feeling. By making your dog feel secure you will take away destructive boredom. Help with house training your puppy or dog and getting them into regular habits. If trained properly, your dog will come to look on the crate as the best and safest place to be and where he will always feel at home. A crate is transportable so it can be moved around your house, helping to keep your dog with his family if need be. It can help your dog adjust to regular patterns of sleeping, toilet training, etc. If you want your dog to come with you when traveling then its home (a crate) can be easily transported in a ship, car or airplane. Taking the dog substitute for a nest (a crate) it provides a safe sleeping environment for your dog so he stays in just one place all night. So crate training is definitely here to stay and using it can make your and your dogs life less stressful. That has to be a bonus in to-days hectic world.
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