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How To Buy The Right Dog Crate For A Great Dane

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-15
The Great Dane is among the largest of all dog breeds - in fact, it is currently the breed that holds the world record at 43 inches tall and over 7 foot long. Finding a dog crate to suit such a large animal might seem like a difficult task at first, but fortunately there are several manufacturers that design crates specifically to suit their needs. Getting The Right Size Size is always one of the most important considerations to make when it comes to buying a dog crate - if you get a crate that's too small then your dog will be uncomfortable, and if you get a crate that's too large they might be tempted to go to the toilet on one side if they're left inside for too long. Unless your Great Dane is still growing then chances are you won't have to worry about getting a crate that's too big. You'll most likely have to get the largest size possible to accommodate your fully-grown Great Dane - dog crate sellers will usually mention whether a size will be suitable, but if you're unsure you can always ask them. Most manufacturers design special sizes to suit as the Great Dane is such a unique and popular breed of dog. Finding The Right Type There are certain materials that just aren't suitable to hold a Great Dane. At full-size they can weigh up to 110 pounds, so a soft crate isn't going to be suitable for the task of carrying them. Most other types of dog crates will work, but it ultimately depends on how you intend to use them. A wire crate is a good all-purpose crate that you can use for transporting your Great Dane in the car or displaying them at the dog show and is flexible enough that you can use it for toilet training them as a puppy and simply use a divider to change the size of the crate as they grow. If you want to transport them on an airplane then an extra-large plastic crate known as the 'Sky Kennel' is the best crate for the task. Other Considerations All dogs have the capability to overheat in warm weather, so ensure your Great Dane isn't left inside their crate for too long or if you are planning a long trip consider getting a fan for the crate to keep them cool and give them water regularly. In winter the opposite is true - due to their short hair the Great Dane will have trouble staying warm in cooler temperatures so if you choose to get them a wire crate then a crate cover should be a consideration to give them some extra protection from the elements.
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