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How many people in Yuanyang Pet Cages export department?
Nantong Yuanyang Leisure Products Co.,Ltd is expanding the number of employees in the export sector. Our export sector monitors the export of cat crate through a series of standards and policies. All employees in our export sector are qualified to provide professional services.

Yuanyang Pet Cages is an international representative of Chinese aluminum dog crates manufacturing excellence. Various in styles, Yuanyang Pet Cages's heavy duty dog playpen can meet the needs of different customers. Yuanyang pop up dog crate is sophisticatedly designed. Our architects and engineers consider many issues when working with the design, including environmental issues, aesthetic appearance, occupant comfort, and view. The product is made of safe chewable materials. The product is heat-retardant. Its material, known as a bad conductor of heat, is a good insulator, together with the paint on its surface, all these factors make it keep stable in high temperature. Even in the most extreme weather, it's also resistant to rust and fading.

We are doubling our effort in gearing toward green manufacturing. We streamline the production process that emphasizes the reduction of waste and less pollution.
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