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House Training Your Dog - Why a Dog Crate Is So

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-16
House training a dog is so important if your pet is to become a welcome member of your family. A dog that poops or pees around your house will quickly strain the relationship that you are trying to establish, so you need to sort out that problem as soon as possible. This is where a dog crate can be such an advantage. Used correctly, it is one of the quickest ways to prevent those messy problems occurring. A dog's natural instinct is not to soil the place where they rest or sleep. So, by confining your dog to her crate for short periods of time, should inhibit her from 'going' when confined and encourage her to go when she is released and taken to the appropriate place. Repeating this procedure helps your dog to develop control over its bladder and bowels and she quickly learns to hold it until the correct time. Obviously you need to be careful that the periods of confinement are not too long, otherwise accidents are bound to occur. So, if your dog does soil her crate, it is because you have left her there too long and this could set back the house training process for several weeks. In the early days, give your dog the opportunity to relieve herself at hourly intervals. Take her from the crate and immediately to the allotted place and allow her up to five minutes to 'do her business'. If she doesn't perform during that time, simply return her to her crate. If she does perform then be sure to praise her and reward with a treat. For puppies, take them outside again after 45 minutes to an hour, so that they get used to the regime. By keeping careful note of when your dog 'goes' and keeping her on a regular feeding schedule, she will eventually develop a corresponding 'toilet' schedule. Then you can get into the habit of taking her out at those particular times instead of every hour, which will be much more convenient for you both. When she has done her business you can then allow her free, but supervised, run of the house. Be sure however that you do not let your dog free in your home unless you are certain that bladder and bowels are empty. Once you have established a regular routine, you can then discourage her from wanting to go earlier, by confining her to her crate about one hour before the allotted time. If you are consistent with this form of house training and rewarding her when she performs when and where you want, she will soon get into the habit of waiting to do what comes naturally, until you take her out. You can then reduce and eventually eliminate the amount of time she is confined before she is the allowed to go. There is no doubt that house training a dog in this way is probably the quickest way to prevent that messy problem becoming a major issue, which could spoil what should be a rewarding relationship for you and your dog.
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