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Happy birthday to April birthday celebrities of Yuanyang Pet Cat Cage Factory in Nantong!

Happy birthday to April birthday celebrities of Yuanyang Pet Cat Cage Factory in Nantong!


Happy birthday in April!


On May 31, 2019, at 12:00 noon, the birthday banquet was held in the Yuanyang staff restaurant. May near the end of the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the company dinner in April birthday and new employees in May, Tks for Yuanyang Team’s hard work and outstanding contributions, and wish you enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival !


The birthday party is attended by: April 2019 birthday party members of nantong yuanyang, new employees of nantong yuanyang in May 2019, Mr. Yang zhonggen, chairman of nantong yuanyang, Ms. Li murong, general manager, all members of the land management committee, etc. Then the whole room sang happy birthday song together, the chairman and the birthday stars cut cake together, make wishes, blow out candles, will the atmosphere of the birthday party to a climax.


On behalf of the company, Mr. Yang zhonggen, chairman of the board of directors, expressed his most sincere wishes to birthday star and his heartfelt thanks for his conscientious and painstaking contributions in his ordinary post. Song bursts, laughing pieces, all the blessings and greetings have been injected into the "Yang people" heart lake, let them know each other, let the sincere friendship like mountains and rivers flowing forever in nantong , let the sweet smile bloom forever at this moment!


Every monthly staff birthday and new employee orientation, our company will hold a birthday party on time, until now, formed for a long time is one of the culture, deeply the general staff's support and love, here is one of the king on behalf of the company, thanks for your participation and support, we will continue to work hard, make each party activity even better, let everybody heart contact more closely!


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