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Four Reasons for Owning a Dog Crate

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-22
Dog crates are incredibly versatile products that can be used as effective management and training tools. These crates not only provide a safe and secure place for dogs in the home, but for traveling as well. There are a number of other reasons for owning a dog crate and this article is going to review four of the most common uses of the crate. House Training Dog crates are an invaluable instrument for house training a puppy. Once your puppy recognizes his unique crate as his new home or den in which to sleep and rest, instinct tells him to avoid soiling in this crate. Thus, house training your puppy with the aid of a crate is a reasonably simple process and seems to progress rather quickly. Traveling Traveling with your pet can be a very stressful experience for both you and your dog. Whether you have a small puppy or a large dog, your pet will find the need and urge to move around in the car and possibly create a distraction for the driver. Dog crates are a very beneficial tool to keep your canine safe. Research shows that unrestrained dogs in a car are prone to very serious injuries if involved in an accident. For safety reasons, air and rail travel requirements insist upon using only approved equipment when transporting your pet. Separation Anxiety Some dogs may experience separation anxiety when left alone. When you decide to leave your home without your new dog, your pet may respond to this separation with unwanted behavior. This type of destructive behavior is his response to stress and anxiety. By using a dog crate, your pet will have his own special home and will not find the need to become agitated or lonesome when being left alone. In the future, you will become more comfortable with leaving your pet home alone as well. Relaxation Area It takes longer for some dogs to adjust to their crate and accept this as their special house. Once your canine becomes accustomed and more relaxed with his new home, he will claim his crate as a safe and restful place he can call his own. You may even find him using his crate during the day when he needs a nap or he just needs a place to unwind and relax. Also, it is best to place your dog's crate close to your every day living environment so he feels part of the family and he will not become frustrated or insecure. Dog crates and carriers provide dogs with their own cozy haven or den like setting. Always keep in mind that this crate is not a toy or play area for children. Rewarding your dog for using his crate successfully also creates a special bond between you and your dog.
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