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Dog Training Aids - There is a Most Important

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-09
Without a doubt the most important dog training aid any new pup can have is you Why is that so? You are the chief. You choose all the other dog training aids. You learn to use them correctly. No dog training aid is worth its salt without you. You do the work and are totally responsible for the aids application. As the chief of all the other dog training aids your work begins long before you bring your new animal home or at least it should. You have made the decision that you have both the time and desire to devote to the new puppy. You have the time to train and you have the time for the relationship. Most importantly you have the desire. By planning ahead both you and your puppy can have success. You should take some time and do some advanced research before you bring home a new puppy. You should and before the pup comes home do the following. 1. Purchase a dog cage or crate. The dog cage or crate is the number 1 recommended dog training aid. Cage training your new animal will absolutely become the 'cats meow' when it comes to house training a new dog. I won't go into the benefits of cage training but they are extensive. You just owe it to you and your dog to cage train. 2. It is an excellent idea to puppy proof your home and even your yard. Plan to buy the proper gates if there are rooms you don't want your new pup to enter. Pick up anything inside and outside that you do not want your new pup to find. As the chief dog training aid. It is your responsibility to keep the young pup out of trouble and to keep him safe from harmful materials. 3. Foods: Do some research, ask some questions. There are a multitude of foods available for your dog. Popularity may not be any indication of quality. I don't put much stock in pet store owners advice they exist to make profits. If you have a store owner and you have learned to trust him he should help. Your vet if you have one is likely more knowledgeable and should better be able to assist you. 4. Dog toys: This is an easier job for the chief dog training aid to get done. A few nylabones matched to your dogs current size and breed will help him with his need to chew. Being sure his toys are durable, safe, entertaining and have a purpose is the goal. When you can it is a good idea to make them washable too. 5. Collars and Leashes: Don't waste your money on high quality leather dog collars or leads. Buy those when the pup has matured and is less likely to chew on them. In the beginning it is quite alright even advantageous to purchase a light nylon collar and lead very especially for puppies. As a new or inexperienced chief dog training aid it is upon you to do the best you can for your new pup. There are dog training aids for any dog to fit any situation and training goal. Using them correctly is the key. Remember you are the chief, the boss, the one in charge. You are the one who must know what and how to do it. If you do not learn how to train and use dog training aids first. You are setting both yourself and your new animal up to fail.
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