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Dog Summer Safety: 8 Tips to Beat the Heat!

by:Yuanyang     2020-05-04
The dog days of summer are here (finally)! Everyone, including our four-legged friends, enjoys being out in the heat and soaking up the sun even if just for a little while. Keep in mind the heat affects our dogs just as it affects us so remember these following 8 tips to beat the heat this summer and enjoy it! Water - and More Water! Make sure you provide fresh, cool water frequently! Especially after an activity such as a great game of fetch or a simple walk around the neighborhood. Add some ice to his dog bowl for an easy treat to make him feel like he's king of the house! Shade - by Tree or Umbrella. Shade is even more important if you have a dog you keep outside. Consider relocating your dog inside your garage with a nice, big fan blowing or confined to your mud room for the middle of July! If you don't have much natural shade in your yard, use a large umbrella instead. Water - to Play in! Just as kids love to play in water, so do our dogs! Buy a small kiddie pool made out of hard plastic (these are very inexpensive) and let your dog frolic around in this to cool him off. You'll be amazed at how much fun it is to watch him play. Fans - Inside and Out. We all know how much dogs love holding their heads out car windows with their tongues hanging why not imitate this with a fan where he lays inside or outside? You can also purchase a Pet Crate Fan that can be hung on his crate or pet carrier that is battery-operated which makes this ideal for travelling! Water - Frozen! Think outside the box and be creative with what you might already have at home. Freeze one of his dog toys for him to chew on as a mid-afternoon treat when it's the hottest out! You can also buy frozen dog treats just check out some of your local dog hot spots. Groom - Often. I know when I'm outside I hate wearing my long hair down but up in a pony tail and I would think dogs feel the same way under all that hair on hot, summer days! So at the very least, brush your dog daily to remove loose hair to help keep your dog more comfortable. If your dog has long hair consider trimming his hair to about 1 inch long but do not shave him completely down as this can increase his risk of a sunburn. Vehicles - Riding Shotgun. We've all heard this over and over - never leave your dog in your car during the summer I want to stress this again and state not even for a 'moment'! You would be amazed at how quickly the interior of a car heats up even with a window open! Don't risk it - leave your dog home in the nice air conditioning! Exercise - Still Necessary! Exercise is essential to all of us and our dogs still need this even during the middle of summer when it's the hottest out. When taking a walk or going for a run with your dog, try to do this early in the mornings or late evening hours when it's much cooler out. Avoid walking on blacktop roads, manholes and other metal surfaces as these can scorch the bottom pads of your dogs' feet. Summer can be a lot of fun for you and your dog but remember it can be dangerous as well so please take the necessary precautions to keep you and your dog safe this summer!
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