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Dog Separation Anxiety - Crating Can Help

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-18
Some dog owners view crating the dog as not a nice thing to do. However if used properly and responsibly crating can have its place to help a nervous dog cope better with any separation anxiety issues they may have. But how can you do introduce your nervous dog to their crate so it works for both of you? By having a crate and it can help to give the nervous dog a feeling of safety and security in the house. Dogs have a natural instinct to make a den and he may see his crate as that den. Somewhere nice and clean and comfortable to retreat to and feel safe in thus helping reduce and nervous or anxious behaviour during the times you have to leave your dog on their own. If you are considering the crating route as an option a first thought should be never to seek to crate a dog with a fear of confined spaces. Dogs can be claustrophobic and if so then crating is clearly not an option. Even if your dog shows no issues small or confined areas it is advisable to introduce him to crating gradually and patiently. A method to start with is after you have brought the crate home, simply leave the door off or have it completely open for your dog to get used to and explore in his own time. You might also throw on the odd treat or one of his favourite toys to encourage him to go inside and have a look around. The first few times he does go inside just leave him and do not shut the door. You are trying to help him form a good experience by being in there and that it is nothing to fear. Then you can start to close the door for short periods of time, gradually increasing that time so your dog gets quite used to being crated and form the den-like association. The next stage might be to occasionally put him in his crate overnight, perhaps with the crate covered by a sheet, to see how that goes down. If that's OK then try crating when you do leave him for a while in the day time again building up the time he's in there so it's second nature. Leave the crate in the same place in the house so everything is consistent and to help your dog feel like it's his home within a home. Now all being well your normally anxious dog who doesn't cope too well when left alone has no issues with being in his crate for a time. So the time has come to do it for real and crate him when you leave. Ensure your have given him food and taken him outside to toilet so avoiding the potential for any in-crate accidents. But do leave him water either in his crate or via an attached bottle he can drink from. These can be purchased from pet stores specifically for attaching to a dog crate. Make sure it is nice and comfortable in there for him. Perhaps a few blankets or a duvet he can curl up on together with some of his favourite toys and a few treats so he has something to play with and help to occupy him if not sleeping. Then you can see how it goes. All being well you now have a dog who thinks nothing of going in his crate, is perfectly happy in there and any feelings of separation anxiety previously demonstrated are reduced or even eradicated. Then when you come home again and your best buddy is pleased to see you then you might consider waiting until the dog has calmed down before letting him out or introduce a command word - quiet for example - used in conjunction with a treat as a reward for calming down so that he knows that he gets his treat after calming down then he's out of there and straight in to the good stuff you have for him. So we can see here that proper, responsible and considered use of crating can help a dog to cope with separation anxiety. However two important considerations are never to use the crate as a form of punishment - because you want the dog to be content in there and see it as a happy place - and do not let him out if he is whining or barking otherwise if you do he will know that all it takes is a quick tantrum to get what he wants.
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