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Dog Kennels - Cruel Or Cozy?

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-08
Some people believe that dog kennels are cruel for a pet, but actually they can become safe places that a canine looks forward to every day. Years ago, canines found safety and security in dens and a dogs kennel brings out the same canine instincts to be safely tucked away. Pet kennels are just a more modern version of a den or cave; it is a home within your home where peace and privacy can be found. But, even though it provides a cozy feeling of security and safety, it should never be thought of as permanent living quarters. Keeping any animal in a confined space for too long without exercise will cause them to be unhealthy. When bringing a new pup into your home, dog kennel training is one of the best and most successful ways to house train a pet in just a few days. It also keeps them away from the dangers a curious puppy gets into. Often times when a new puppy is brought into a home, he or she may get into things that may be harmful. Many puppies die within their first year of life because of getting into something poisonous. Pet enclosures can not only provide a cozy, den-like resting place for your pup, but also keep them safe. They are available in different styles and shapes, including both indoor and outdoor models. Many pet owners have difficulty deciding on the choice between large and small dog kennels. Each has its advantage depending on the intended use. For short term use a smaller one provides a safe haven for your pup without taking up a lot of space. For longer periods of use, it's best your active pup gets a little more room to move around. The most popular is a wire grid made of heavy gauge steel. A plastic dog kennel is portable and lightweight and can come in some cool decorative colors. Wire dog cages are very popular with owners and depending on your pet's strength and temperament, may be a better option than plastic. When sizing a crate, make sure it is large enough for your pet to stand and turn around so it has no trouble eating and drinking. Do not get one that is way too big because it may cause some anxiety. Canines have an easier time relaxing when they have just enough space to stand. It's important to provide the proper amount of ventilation and keep it very clean to prevent bacteria from growing. If you shop around before purchasing, you can often find a sale. As there are numerous styles, shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, it's important to remember to focus on the right kind and size for your dog. Remember that dogs came from cozy dens, so to them dog kennels will be a nice safe haven.
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