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Dog Crates

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-22
Dog crate is an enclosed box type chamber in which dogs are enclosed for transportation to different areas or dogs are enclosed for security purposes. Crates are made from different materials that are very tough and hard so that dog can't escape. Crates are usually made from metals (iron or any other solid metal like aluminum), wire, plastic, or some tough fabric. Dog crates contain a door through which dog be entered or removed from. These are also called as cages. Dog crate should be of such size that it provides natural environment to the dog and dog can remain in it peacefully. Main purposes for which dog crates are used include; taking a dog on a trip with family, display the dogs at various shows and to keep guests safe from the dog. Types of dog crates There are many types of dog crates depending upon the material from which cage is prepared or shape of the cage or crate. Some common types of dog crate are as follows: Plastic crates: Plastic crates are of two types; soft plastic crates and hard plastic crates. These are very suitable for the transportation of dog from one place to the other and are used more commonly. These are also very economical as compared to other crate types. Plastic crates have an advantage that they keep dog safer during an accident. But they have one disadvantage; they cover more space during storage and cannot be folded. Plastic pet crates are also available for enclosing other pets. Aluminum crates: Aluminum crates are of two types; fixed and folded. They have many advantages over other crates like; they are light weight, very strong or tough, will not undergo rusting, air flow is very excellent and the trapped dog can see more clearly. Aluminum crates are used most commonly in veterinary hospitals or veterinary institutions. These are also used for keeping dog inside at home and are used for the mating of dogs. They occupy more space and are expensive. Wire crates: As the name indicates these are made from wire. These have fewer advantages over the other crates; for example, can be folded easily, occupy less space and are economical. They are available in a variety of sizes depending upon their use or the size of the dog. Wire crates are mostly used in dog shows because dog can be observed easily by spectators. In order to make them more comfortable, pads or covers are used. Iron crates: These crates are made from iron and are used mostly in zoo and at home. These are very expensive and less durable because they are rusted easily. These cannot be folded. Soft crates: These are used less commonly. Soft crates are made from fabrics. These are used for the transportation of dogs that don't chew. However, are unsuitable for transportation at any vehicle. These are very economical, air can pass through the crate easily, can be folded easily, light weight and dogs can also be observed easily. These can be used for the transportation of other pets. Dog tents: These are considered as alternatives to soft crates. They are just like bags. Dogs are enclosed in it and the head of dog remains outside. Used for the transportation of dogs who don't chew or bark. Tents are very soft, light weight, economical and attractive. These are available in different colors and children like them. These are also called as pet crates because these are also used for different pets.
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