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Dog Crates: Learn the Facts!

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-26
Just the word - dog crate - I think makes so many people cringe. But why is that? I think there are so many reasons why. Maybe you think your dog will be uncomfortable. Maybe you're afraid your dog will get mad at you for putting him in a 'cage'. Or maybe you simply feel it's cruel to crate a dog. Let's dive into this a little bit more and discover the facts. Simply put - dogs are den animals. They need a space of their own to escape from all the chaos around them. Let's face two-legged humans running around (especially if you have children) can create some anxiety for our pets. We live in such a hustle-bustle world think about what it must be like for your dog when nobody is home all day and then BOOM - he's surrounded by doors slamming, phones ringing and humans in constant motion. No wonder he curls up in a ball in the corner of the sofa or wedges himself behind the chair. It's their natural instinct to retreat to a small, cozy place where they can feel safe and secure. If you introduce your dog to his new 'home away from home' appropriately, in time, you will find him hanging out in his crate even with the door wide open because he enjoys it. However, crate confinement can sometimes be misused. Never use a crate as punishment and remember exercise is still important to your dogs overall health and mental well being as it is to your own. Crating Fido while you're at work all day is okay as long as you're also taking him on walks or playing fetch with him to stimulate his mind and body. There are many reasons why you should consider investing in a dog crate: Dog Den - giving him a place to call his own. Think about coming back after a long trip and how great it is to finally be home! Your dog needs a place like this too. Housebreaking - your puppy will learn quicker. Not only is sleeping in a den their natural instinct but so is a desire to keep their den clean! Puppies naturally want to relieve themselves far away from where they eat, play and sleep. While they still need constant supervision, crating your puppy can assist in preventing accidents and encourage a regular routine of crating, feeding and exercise. Just remember to take your dog outside to potty as soon as you let him out of his crate! Mischief - keeping him out of this. Like kids, some dogs can be very mischievous and when left alone for long periods of time simply get bored. Chewing on furniture, ripping shoes apart or scratching at a door tends to be entertainment for your bored canine friend. Remember to put a few chew toys in his crate with him and he'll be set. Traveling - whether by car or plane. If you're driving your dog to the animal clinic or taking a trip across the country, a crate is not only physically the safest place for your dog but also will make your dog feel the safest! Recovery - from a medical condition. It's not always expected but sometimes our dogs need some sort of medical attention that require a recovery period. A crate is the perfect place for your dog to feel safe and secure during this stage. Once you've made the decision to purchase a dog crate, use it thoughtfully. Try keeping the crate in a room where your family is most often so your dog can retreat to his crate with the door open and not feel isolated. Place a bed or small blanket inside the crate to create that 'cozy' den feel. Don't crate your dog while you are home - roaming the house whenever possible helps his physical state as well as his mental state. And if you plan on keeping him in his crate all day while you are at work make sure there is enough space for a water bowl. In time you will see how much your dog loves his new little space!
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