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Dog Crates and Average Cost

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-22
Dog crates come in many styles and sizes; they also come with advantages and disadvantages. Assuredly, with enough insight on every dog crate there is, dog owners can get the best one for their beloved four-legged companion: Plastic Crates Average cost range: 25 to 115 dollars Plastic crates are wonderful just because they are durable and convenient for all dog types. More important, plastic crates make a world of difference for dog owners whose budget is strict. Out of all the dog crate types, these are some of the finest ones available. They are extremely affordable and easy to clean. Wire Crates Average cost range: 39 to 400 dollars Wire crates are great for both large and small dogs; they are even great for dog owners, considering that their strong, sturdy structure requires just a little bit of effort to fold, lift and carry around. In addition to that, their structure is well ventilated, so dogs can get all the fresh air they want, and it is incredibly spacious, so dogs can get all the room they need, the attention they crave and the level of comfort they require. Moreover, since covers and pads easily attach to wire crates, their comfort level can be raised, and their overall look can be changed within seconds. Aluminum Crates Average cost range: 40 to 600 dollars Aluminum dog crates are perfect enclosures for dogs. In addition to being comfortable, they provide more than enough security and support for even the biggest breeds of canines. They also can withstand inclement weather conditions and wear and tear for years to come. As far as the design of aluminum crates is concerned, they come in anodized and powder-coated varieties, so there is basically no end to the amount of designs and colors they can be fitted with. Soft Crates Average cost range: 36 to 142 dollars Soft dog crates are the lightest, coolest option on the market. Their structure is made of foams, fabrics and lightweight metals, and they come in a large variety of designs and types--some of them fold while others pop up. Furthermore, every type can be put away and tossed in a car with ease. Soft-sided crates are considered to-go crates because many of their features are specifically designed for traveling. Wood Crates Average cost range: 45 to 449 dollars Wood dog crates are great for dogs and any home environment--since they can be used as a nightstand or table. Also, their design is rather pleasing to look at, and it is extremely convenient for dogs. Wood crates give dogs a whole lot of comfort, support and space to move around with ease. Dogs are den animals: With a little training and a dog crate that is small and stylish, dogs can be the perfect housemate. Dogs are pack animals: Indeed they are, but all dogs want their own space and time alone; a dog crate gives every dog just that.
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