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Dog Crate Training to Housebreak Your Puppy

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-03
A very popular method of housebreaking your puppy is crate training. The best dog cage size would be one that is just large enough to be a bed. Dogs do not like to soil in their beds and have to lay in it, so the right crate size is very important. You see if the dog crate is just the right size they will hold it because they do not want to be forced to lay in their own mess. This really works most pups can control their bladder and bowels a lot longer than we think. Puppies at 8 to 9 weeks can often hold out for 7 to 8 hours. But of course it is not recommend leaving your pups in dog crates unattended for that period of time. When you are housebreaking you can place the pup inside the dog cage when he cannot be watched. Some good times are when you are cooking, cleaning or even away from home. Before placing your puppy in the dog crate it is a good idea to take him outside to do his thing. When you decide to take him out of the crate take him back outside to the same spot you took him to before. Dog crates are definitely handy for overnight sleeping. As he learns more and more try to leave him out for longer periods of time. And remember no food or water in the dog cage only a crate bed or blanket and maybe a chew toy. There is an advantage to crate training that most people don't think about. This type of training also teaches the dog to hold it when the urge strikes. He will learn just because he feels the urge to relieve himself the puppy quickly learns he does not have to. Dog crates are very effective in training, most dogs that have gone through crate training have fewer mistakes later on. Just remember to buy a dog crate just large enough for him to lie down in, if it is too large he will just do his business in the corner. Doing this he will then track the mess all over his crate and he will keep on doing this whenever he is placed in the cage. After he is trained you can get a dog cage that will be big enough to last throughout his life. And use the crate for other purposes such as traveling or sleeping in the house there are many other uses for dog crates. This method training works very well, so please be consistent with your pup he will soon learn going outside to do his business is his new way of life.
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