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by:Yuanyang     2020-04-05
If you want to make your dog feel safe and secure then you should invest in a dog cage. If you have a large dog and you need a place for them to sleep or if you are just trying to train your new puppy then dog cages large and small are the way to go. Cages are available at all different prices and can be found throughout the internet and in local pet shops. What ever money you have available and whatever size your dog is, there is often a lot of choices available to purchase. The single most important consideration when choosing a cage for your dog is that the dog, no matter how big or small they may be, has sufficient room when it is residing in it. A dog cage should be large enough for your dog to turn around and lie down whilst stretching. Some people who own small dogs go for a large dog cage because they think that more space is better, but too much space is not necessarily a good thing. If the space inside the cage is too vast then the dog may well avoid it because too much space is not cosy and can cause loneliness for a dog. Dog cages, whether large or small, are built in plastics, wood and metals. The main aim when looking at the material in which the box cage is made is that it is sturdy enough for the dog and the dogs safety. Obviously larger cages or crates are best made from metals and woods as plastic can deform, become brittle and split very easily. Consideration of materials should also include dog comfort. If the edges are sharp then it can hurt or injure your dog, defeating the purpose of getting a dog cage for safety reasons. Included in this check should be a look at the locking mechanism to check if it can in any way hurt your dog. The purchase of the cage is not the last consideration. Think about putting in a nice bed and some toys, creating a nice environment for your dog. This will help the dog get used to going in the cage and it will help help them think of it as its home. If you fin d that the dog will just not get used to their new home try to put a few treats in there to encourage them in.
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