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Crate Training With Wire Dog Crates

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-26
A pet crate is recommended for every dog. Wire dog crates are more versatile than their plastic counterparts, being able to be folded for easy storage or transport. Wire crates are available in different sizes to accommodate any dog. The principle of the crate is that it satisfies a canine's instinct to den. In an enclosed space, the dog can truly relax, without having to be alert to what's going on. For this reason, the proper size of a crate is that which just allows your dog to stand up and turn around, as well as lie down comfortably. If you have a puppy, you can get a wire crate which will fit her once she reaches full size. In the meantime, block off a portion of the inside. Dividers are available for this purpose. Don't use anything for a divider that the puppy could chew on, or which might hurt her. A dog of any age can be acclimated to the crate. Most pets, unless they have had a negative past experience with crating, will take to the dog crate quickly. For those who don't, you can make it more appealing to them using food. Begin by just tossing a small treat into the wire crate so your dog will go inside to retrieve it. Don't close the door or do anything else, just let her get the treat and come out. Do this a few times and then walk away. After doing this for a day or two, toss in the treat and close the door behind your dog when she goes in. Wait just a few moments, and then let her out. Be careful with this step: you need to open the door while your dog is quiet and calm. If you do so while she is barking, whining, or pawing, you risk teaching her that those behaviours will get her out of the pet crate. Gradually extend the amount of time that you keep the door closed until your dog remains reliably calm and patient. You can also acclimate a dog to a wire crate by feeding her regular meals in there, with or without the door closed. Before you know it, your dog will see the crate as a favourite destination. Crate training can also be used to help with housebreaking, as dogs instinctively won't soil their sleeping area. A dog trainer can help you with how to go about this. A dog should never be left in a pet crate for longer than eight hours, at the longest. It's a good idea to crate your dog whenever you leave the house so that it becomes part of the routine. You can put a favourite toy or a snack in there to make it even more pleasant. When your dog is comfortable spending time in her wire pet crate, you won't have to worry about her getting into trouble while you are out of the house. You can use the dog crate when you have guests over, or when workmen are spending time in the house. You can even use it just to get a little private time for yourself when you need to. A dog who loves her crate won't mind at all.
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