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Consistency - The Key To A Successful Dog Training

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-12
We all know that dogs are a man's best friend. They can be one if you treat them well. Dogs have this nature to become fierce and aggressive when they are provoked. Once you do something that they do not like or when they see someone unfamiliar to them, they instantly become aggressive. Stray dogs are mostly the ones which are very aggressive. And they are considered most dangerous because they are not trained well plus, they were not able to receive vaccinations. Having a pepper spray at all times will help you from being attacked by such dogs. Many have already become traumatized after being bitten by a dog. Dog owners should at least become responsible when it comes to the proper training of their dogs. If you discipline them well, eventually they will turn out to be obedient and well behaved. Enrolling them in obedience classes will help your pet dog on how to become one. A specific type of dog which is considered reliable and very trainable is the German Shepherd. These types of dogs are used by law enforcers because of their remarkable skills. When they are trained well, they become very reliable partners of law enforcers. Bomb squads needed the expertise of these dogs because of their ability to detect bombs through sniffing and smelling. They can easily notice any unusualities happening around the environment. The qualities of the German Shepherd include that of being determined, smart, bold and trainable. You need to control the dog otherwise he will control you. Consistency is one of the best qualities that an owner of a German Shepherd should possess. A very good example of being consistent is through giving the dog praises when the dog does something that you want and when you discipline or correct him when he does something that you do not want. Through being consistent, you will be able to bond with your pet dog well. You have to understand that most of your dog's actions are governed by their instinct and you should know how to balance your dog's instinct to the behaviour of human training. They will still adapt to the new environment and so with the trainings that he will need to undergo. It takes time to train this type of dogs that is why you need to be patient and learn always keep your calm down while teaching the dogs with different skills. Training is very essential because it prevents the dogs from hurting other people. Once you have trained your German Shepherd, you can easily command him if he does something. Keep your pet away from being hurt through keeping him on a tight leash and placed on a dog cage. If you love your pet so much, you also have to protect him from being attacked by others or being hit by a tazer gun by your neighbours in case your pet suddenly become aggressive at the sight of strangers. Keep an eye at your dog at all times. Never let the dog be hurt by others. Protect him, love him and care for him. In return, your pet will also give you ultimate protection from criminals.
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