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A Safety Priority for Your Canine Buddy Is the

by:Yuanyang     2020-04-20
For many dog owners their dog is an important member of the family. A family unit's priority is safety for all members. Therefore, crate training is a safety consideration for your canine family member. Safety issues addressed with proper crate training are associated with electrical cord hazard, travel, poisoning, and choking. The first important safety use of a dog crate is to protect the dog from electrical, cable or electronic cords. A dog unattended will get into a lot of mischief one of which is teething on an electrical cord. One good bite with a puppy's sharp tooth could mean death for the family dog. Also, dogs can get tangle up in cord pulling heavy item down on top of them. Some readers might think this topic is frivolous, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Secondly, dog lovers like to take their furry friend with them for rides in the vehicle. Whether the trip is to the corner store, to a vet's appointment, for a walk in the park or vacation, the dog needs to be restrained for both the dog and the driver's safety. Many dogs become stressed in the vehicle and can cause distractions for the driver by getting under their feet, climbing onto their lap, standing on the door arm rest and pushing the automatic window down ( this happened to me on the front passenger side and the dog almost fell out going 45 down the road), etc. A wire crate with padding or a plastic crate secured to the floor of the vehicle with straps latched to the cargo hooks is one alternative. And the other is a soft-sided crate held in place with a safety belt. Regardless of the restraining method you use, your dogs needs to be secured when traveling in a vehicle for the safety of all on the roadway. The next safety issue addressed by using a dog crate is poisoning. Again, a dog unattended will get into things like trash. Whether out of boredom, hunger, or exploration a dog's safety can be jeopardized if they ingest the wrong thing. Simple items like house planets, if eaten by a dog, can cause serious illness. Poisonous trash items to dogs are tea bags, coffee grounds, extreme amounts of fat from meat, cigarette butts to name a few. Harmful items stored in the garage or cabinets are anti-freeze, rat bait, fertilizers, and pesticides. Sometimes people leave items out in reach of a curious dog such as medications, chocolate candy, unopened cans of adult beverages, and make-up. The point is no houses is completely safe and to help keep man's best friend safe when unsupervised treat him/her to the safety of a dog crate. The final safety reason for using a dog crate is choking hazards. One reason older dogs chew on items is to release endorphins from the pituitary gland to relax. An unattended dog left alone to roam the house feels insecure, and anxious; therefore, they find items to chew on. A few items that could get lodged in the throat are small balls, plastic wrappers, small children's toys, buttons on pillows or cushions, hard candy, and rocks. Another issue is the dog's esophagus has a larger opening than the intestine; therefore, item might be swallowed but gets stuck or puncture the bowel cause major problems. These hazards include wood, clothing, upholstery, paper, animal bones, raw hide bones, the squeakers or bells in toys, and bottle tops. Crating your dog will give you the peace of mind that you will come home to a house still intact and a faithful companion to greet you. In conclusion, if dog crates are used properly safety issues such as, electrical cord hazards, travel, poisoning and choking can all be avoided. Please keep in mind that crates are a tool for safety they are not meant to be used for punishment or as a permanent babysitter. A dog can be crated successfully and comfortably for up to 8 hours but a break during that time would be greatly appreciated by your dog. If using a wire crate, remember to remove the dog's collar if it has tags. Tags can get stuck in between the wires and choke the dog.
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